ARE YOU EFFECTED? - Retirement Plan Changes due to COVID-19

You DO have a choice about
how much Income Tax you pay

With the Advanced Financial Freedom Plan™ you can:

Pay less income taxes, or even enjoy a tax-free retirement!
Maximize your wealth through strategic tax planning.
​Money back guarantee. If we can't create a tax plan that shows a benefit of at least equal to 10X the plan cost, we'll refund the planning fee in full.

The world's first 'Advanced Financial Freedom Plan™' (a Tax Reduction & Income plan) that is guaranteed to create a financial benefit of at least 10X the fees... or it's FREE!

The Advanced Financial Freedom Plan™

For those that want to minimize their Taxes & maximize their Wealth...

We're helping people save millions in lost wealth

If you've worked all your life to accumulate wealth, then you know it’s not what you make but what you keep that matters most!

We offer tax efficiency planning with specialized strategies that allow you to truly discount your taxes! It is primarily a combination of strategies, not a product that requires specialized training.

We obtain massive long term tax reductions for our clients which, in turn, enhances long-term wealth!

Specialist Service

The Advanced Financial Freedom Plan™ offers a wealth maximization service achievable by only 1% of advisors!

Tax Saving Solutions

By combining data, timing and technology, with the trust & integrity that comes from dealing with experienced tax consultants we solve the hard problems when it comes to optimal financial planning that no one else can.

Pay-Check For Life

We use a comprehensive data gathering process to provide you with a personalized TAX SENSITIVE income distribution plan for your retirement that provides a predictable paycheck for the rest of your life!

You're In Safe Hands

No lock-in, 100% fee transparency. Our multi-discipline advisors (financial planning, investment management & taxation qualified) work with zero bias to fiduciary standards.

Measured Performance

We’ll demonstrate the best way to maximize your SSI, balance your Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) and extract income in the most efficient way possible, all while avoiding the taxation nightmare.

Wealth Maximization

We start by extensively analyzing every unique tax structure based on your personal goals and the results you are looking to achieve. We factor in your capital & income requirements when striving to increase Net Wealth™.

"Financial Freedom is what we aim to achieve for all our clients using our tax efficient income methods. We have already helped clients save millions of dollars in lost wealth."

Questions & Concerns

What if you already have a financial advisor?

Most advisors are not trained & credentialed in taxation as we are. Even those that might suggest a Roth conversion cannot state with specificity when is the ideal time, what are the ideal amounts each year, and how such conversions will impact your wealth with an audit trail to substantiate it. Furthermore, advisors have an inherent conflict of interest in making such recommendations that can be difficult to overcome.

What if you earn a good salary - Do you need this plan?

Some folks are okay paying more in income taxes than required, but most are not. Wealth creation is not always about what you earn, it is more importantly about what you keep. The quote we like to use: “Some mistakes you only get to do once”. After that, it is too late to repair. We want to prevent you over-paying your taxes and permanently impacting your wealth.

When do you need to take action?

With the current tax bill currently in effect only going through 2025, taxes are currently “on sale”. To further complicate that, a political party that gained control of one branch of government has vowed to undo the tax sale.These plans will often require multiple years for a best case scenario, so the time to plan is NOW.

FREE! Tax Saving & Wealth Discovery Call

Worried you’ll lose a bulk of your retirement savings to taxes? Want to see if there is a possibility of a tax free retirement? Book a call and we’ll talk to you about the right way to protect your money, lower your taxes and maximize your wealth!
We’ve cut our clients, Eric & Jane, Income Taxes by over $1,000,000 and increased their Net Wealth™ by $3,000,000 – what can we do for you?