Why you can't afford to miss out on a Roth IRA

With a Roth IRA, you do have to pay income tax on your plan contributions (and/or Roth Conversions), but your investment earnings will NEVER be subject to income taxes thereafter.

The only requirements are that you must be at least age 59 ½ when you begin taking withdrawals from the plan and that you have been participating in the plan for a minimum of five years.

Although money in a traditional IRA account accumulates on a tax-deferred basis, withdrawals will be subject to income tax at whatever tax rate you are in at the time – and often create a double tax by causing more of your Social Security income to be taxed! 

Fully self-directed IRA’s and 401(k)’s offer a host of benefits, including: 

  • Control over one’s financial future,
  • ​Choice over the assets one can invest in,
  • ​Diversification of one’s retirement portfolio ,
  • ​Asset Protection and real tax advantages


When one considers that, at any moment, Congress could ring in a whole new round of federal income tax increases, positioning oneself to side-step the additional liability becomes that much more compelling. By coupling the many benefits available for self-directed IRA & 401(k)’s with the valuation adjustment techniques applicable to alternative assets held in such accounts, a real opportunity exists to preserve one’s accrued wealth for posterity’s sake. 

Before the opportunity to save a significant amount of money passes you by, take action now, Not only can we identify the ideal scenario to maximize the efficiency of tax planning, we provide a complete audit trail to demonstrate the benefits available to you (based on the information you give us).

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